X-PUR NaF varnish box
5% Neutral Sodium Fluoride

The #1 fluoride varnish used by public health in Canada


Mechanism of action

Fluoride varnish works by increasing the concentration of fluoride in the outer surface of teeth, thereby enhancing fluoride uptake during the early stages of demineralization. The varnish hardens on the tooth as soon as it comes in contact with saliva, allowing the high concentration of fluoride to be in contact with tooth enamel for an extended period of time (about 1 to 7 days). This is a much longer exposure compared to other high strength sodium fluoride products, which are typically 10 to 15 minutes. The amount of fluoride deposited on the tooth surface is considerably greater in demineralized areas versus sound tooth surfaces. Thus, the benefits of fluoride varnish are greater for patients at high or moderate risks for caries or demineralization.


• Less viscous and easier to apply
• Sweetened with xylitol for a great taste




Medicinal Ingredient
5 % Neutral Sodium Fluoride (22,600 ppm F)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients
Rosin LT, ehtyl alcohol, wax (natural), fruit flavor, sucralose, xylitol, white coloring (titanium dioxide).

Clinical uses

• High risk caries
• Pediatrics
• Tooth sensitivity





Directions for use

Adults (0.50ml) and children (0.25ml)
High risk for caries or demineralization
Every 3 months
High risk for caries or demineralization
Every 6 months

1. Open varnish from the same end as the bristles.
2. Thoroughly mix the varnish with the brush until completely uniform for approximately 20 seconds.
3. Paint on a thin even layer to the areas being treated. Do not saturate the brush with the varnish to avoid varnish dripping.
4. Instruct the patient not to brush teeth or floss, to choose a softer food diet and to avoid hot fluids and alcohol containing products in order not to remove the applied varnish for at least 3 to 6 hours or preferably overnight.


Ulcerative gingivitis and stomatitis.


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